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How To Make Your Brand Memorable - The Yorkshire Marketing Company
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How to Make Your Brand Memorable by The Yorkshire Marketing Company

How To Make Your Brand Memorable

Sometimes you can feel that your potential customers might not be able to remember your business as clearly as they should be able to. It can be difficult to create a brand identity and stand out from your competitors. We heard you, and we’ve put together a few tips to help you make your brand more memorable to make your life a little easier!

Use your USP (aka your Unique Selling Point)

What makes your business better than your competitors? What makes you different from them? Whatever your answer is, you need to make sure your customers know! If, for example, your USP is the affordability of your product compared to your competitors, then focus on promoting that fact. You need to have a point of difference, whether that be your product or service, that helps people remember YOU, and separates you from the rest of your industry.

Show your personality

These days, more and more people develop emotional attachments to brands, especially when you’re selling from business to consumer. However it’s rare that products alone create this emotion. The personality behind the business is one of the key ways to create a feeling of loyalty in your customers. When you’re marketing your business, stating facts is not enough. Showing your own unique personality to your customers will help them to remember you, not just as a business, but also as a person and a brand. When all said and done “people buy from people”.

Be relatable

Let’s think about your target audience for a minute. Who are they? Make a few simple bullet points. Now, let’s think about their lives. What do they do day-to-day? What do they enjoy? What problems do they face? Would any of your answers be the same as theirs? If you think they would, then use this to make yourself relatable. If customers feel like the person behind the brand is similar to them and understands them, then they’re probably going to be more trusting of you, and ultimately buy from you because you’ve built up that relationship.

Make an impact

Whether you do this through your brand philosophy or imagery, something about your brand has to make an impact. You need to promote yourself in a way that will make your customers think, “Woah, okay, that’s interesting”. Something that they will keep thinking about, because the more they think about you the more that they will remember you.

Be daring, be different

How are your competitors marketing themselves? Help create your brand image by making sure that your marketing is as different to your competitors as possible. Is everyone in your industry using a pink and rose gold theme on their Instagram? Don’t do that, because then you’re going to be just another business in that industry. Make your imagery and personality specifically yours. If someone was scrolling down social media, you want them to be able to see your post and identify it as yours without reading the name. That’s ultimately what you’re aiming for.

Hopefully this article will have helped you think of ways to make your brand stronger and more memorable, and we wish you luck in implementing these strategies.

If you’d like more help on developing your brand’s personality, I’d love to hear from you. Maybe we could grab a coffee!


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