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YMC Marketing Strategy

Let’s Plan Out Your Path to Success!

A Marketing Strategy isn’t scary, it’s just a detailed Action Plan to help you achieve your goals!


As the old saying goes… “Failing to plan, is planning to fail”. It’s a well known fact that 50% of small businesses fail after 5 years, and often it’s all down to lack of planning.


Through our years of working with SME’s, we have developed Marketing Strategy Packages that meet your needs whatever stage of your business journey you’re at.


Our 3 Marketing Strategy Packages are perfect if you are a:


– New Start-Up –

– Online Business or Product Launch –

– Established Business Needing a Boost –


Want to know more? Send us a message or head over to Our Packages page.

Marketing Booster Package

Marketing Booster

Perfect for start-ups and established business owners who need advice, direction and structure to their brand marketing.

We will listen and work with you to understand your needs. Through our Brainstorming Session we will help you to devise a workable Action Plan that can be implemented immediately whilst you’re ready and raring to go!

Social Media Launch Plan

Designed for you if you’re looking to launch your new business or product/services into the big wide digital world.

We dig deep into your business to understand your goals, your values, your target audience and we help you to develop your online personality to ensure brand consistency across all mediums. This results in a 3 Month Strategy to take you from zero to hero!

Social Media Launch Package
Social Media Strategy Package

The Big One

This is ideal for you if you’re an established business who has lost direction and needs a full 360 degree review of your full marketing mix.

We will dig deep to understand your brand, your aims and objectives and present our ideas on how we can add value. From reviewing your website and social media presence, to email marketing and printed material, we will create a bespoke 3 Month Strategy that will give you focus and results.

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